Workers on line B of the main means of transport in Mexico City immediately responded to a report from a user on Twitter. Thanks to the warning and the work of the rescuers, the golden retriever is now with its owner.

At the Río de los Remedios station on line B of the Mexico City subway, a golden retriever puppy was rescued this week. The report of a user via twitter clarified the situation. The animal was trying to descend to the station platform, for which the support of the Canine Transfer Center was necessary, who did not take long to be present.

The report was quickly shared with the Civil Protection coordination, they sent support elements to put the animal to safety. Before being transferred, a gentleman appeared, who claimed to be the owner of the lost pet. The dog did not take long to identify his master; It was there that the security personnel allowed the puppy to leave with its owner.

Twitter: @MetroCMDX

A story that has several heroes: first the citizen who gives the warning for the authorities to come, second those who completed the rescue and avoided a misfortune , third the owner, who although we do not know the reasons why the dog was alone, came quickly. to the scene.

Twitter: @MetroCMDX

The most curious thing about the rescue was the reaction of the puppy when they found him. Instead of being scared, you can see that he is very used to being caressed, so he opted to roll on the ground and play a little with those who came to help him:

A beautiful pet that surely gave his human father a good scare, we hope he does not continue to allow himself these oversights and that this little friend also learns not to just go to see the city. Who knows which dog she wanted to visit who was already close to getting on the subway.

Thanks to all those who made this rescue possible. Due to its quick action, this furry can sleep peacefully again with his family.

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