They had been together all their lives, but now they can be independent. Despite the challenge of separating the sisters, the operation was a success.

A pair of 1-year-old Siamese twins managed to be separated after a surgical process of almost 11 hours. Both were safe from the operation, and they met again, but without being united.

Those in charge of this task were a group of surgeons from the University of Michigan , in the north of the United States , who were able to separate Sarabeth and Amelia Irwin , who, despite each having their own organs and body members, were united for your liver .

“For everyone in the room it was a very emotional and extraordinary moment when the last incision was made to separate these girls,” Dr. George Mychaliska , who led the surgical team at Mott Children’s Hospital , where the operation was performed , told AP. .

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This surgical intervention, which represented a challenge for the specialists, was performed in August, and after several weeks of recovery, the little ones are already at home.

“I have twins and I know they are very close. Sarabeth and Amelia are always going to have a really unique bond and I think the future is bright for both of them , ”Mychaliska expressed.

Detroit Free Press

The girls’ parents, Alyson and Phil Irwin , learned that they would have conjoined twins about 4 months before they were born. As part of the medical prognosis, reflected in the ultrasound , in this case there was the option that they did not survive until the moment they could be separated, but fortunately they succeeded.

“I remember when they briefly put the girls on my chest. It was something very sweet and special to be able to hug them and see them for the first time, “ said Alyson, in conversation with the Detroit Free Press .


Even after the operation, the two girls seem to want to hug each other when they meet face to face, as they were all their short lives , but each one on their own, without the union of their bellies.

The COVID-19 pandemic , in addition to the pneumonia that the girls presented at the beginning of the year, were the factors that prevented the surgery. However, the whole family has managed to overcome this adversity successfully and they are together at home.

Detroit Free Press

“This has been a gigantic experiment in the power of staying positive and the power of prayer. Positive news, people need it, ”said the father.

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