Sansa had been abandoned by her former owners due to her unusual appearance, but a little affection and love from her new humans brought out her empowered personality and now she poses gracefully for her Instagram, followed by more than 20,000 users.

This is a clear example that all living beings are unique and unrepeatable , even if we have defects or impossibilities in life.

Sansa is 5 years old and is a very special kitten, since her radiant white fur makes a clear contrast with her blue and green eyes. The feline was born with a condition called heterochromia, which caused each eye to appear a different color.

Furthermore, its legs are quite out of the ordinary, as it has a total of 12 claws on its front legs and 9 on its back.

Some time ago, Sansa was happily adopted by a family at a fair in New York (USA). Kare n, her owner, says that her physical conditions were not what made her adopt her, but the possibility of saving her from being in a cage for the rest of her life. 

“We were informed that her step caregiver wanted to put her up for adoption quickly, because she was so anxious that they needed to keep her in a cage all day. When my husband and I met her, her cage was empty and she had a sign saying that the cat suffered from anxiety, and that she had been rejected and thrown out by her previous owners due to her conditions.

Karen, via Daily Mail

Two days later Sansa arrived at her new home and, as expected, it took her a long time to build trust with her humans. He would hide in fear behind the TV cabinet every time the doors were opened and only went out to eat.

Shortly after, her owners learned that the cat suffered from feline hyperesthesia – a type of anxiety – which manifested itself with contractions in her back and multiple attacks on her own tail.

After starting a treatment with special CBD oil for pets , Sansa has been able to control her episodes of anxiety and is now the queen of the apartment in which she lives. She wakes up her owners every day at 6 AM announcing that she is hungry, and if Karen and her husband don’t get up on time, “she proceeds to throw away all the things that are on the nightstand, one by one. She knows exactly what to do to get away with it. “

Karen opened a special Instagram profile for Sansa , as she wanted to document each day of her adventure caring for an anxious and genetically different cat.

He hopes that the feline will be an example for people, and that it will make them dare to adopt cats or cats with special needs.

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