Nidia Torres Méndez is a Puerto Rican mother who serves as an example for all families. She is not going to give in to COVID-19 and will always be there for her little ones.

Mothers will always make the greatest sacrifice for their children. For them the most important thing is that their little ones have security, food and education. That is why any effort you make to secure these pillars will be worth it.

This low-income mother from Guayanilla , Puerto Rico , is one more example of this dedication . Nidia Torres Méndez is responsible for three children: Onix Javier (10 years old), Javielys Isonix (9 years old) and Jayvier Oneil (8 years old) continue with their learning process, whose education has been affected in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

First hour

Even before this health emergency, in the town where Nidia lives, many schools have been destroyed by different natural disasters that have occurred on the island of enchantment . However, this mother set out to educate her children in these months of pandemic and for this she has used her own refrigerator as a blackboard, that’s how she gives classes.

A photograph that this young mother published on social networks went viral, highlighting the sacrifice she makes to keep her little ones educated, despite not having a great economic support.

First hour

“I didn’t do this to make me feel sorry, too bad, or to give me gifts. Sometimes we focus on our problems and because we are blinded by those problems we do not see that the solution is in front of us, “ said Nidia in conversation with Primera Hora .

“I despaired because I didn’t have a blackboard for the kids. Desperately, I took a magic marker from the kids, passed a line on the fridge, and told a friend to bring me magic markers . I thought that the fridge works for writing and that the ink comes out with degreaser (degreaser). After my children have an education, that is material, that is erased ” , he added.


For her the most important thing is that her children stay educated, but also that they understand that they have to stand firm in difficult times like these.

“We have to show our children that we are strong. I also want to show my children that one morning they will say: ‘Mommy used the refrigerator to teach me and she didn’t have a blackboard and if my mom could do that, I can do bigger things.’ Creativity and imagination are not lacking because I have three brilliant children ,  he said.


“You have to make a call to the Secretary of Education (Eligio Hernández) to see if they pay attention to us with those desks, those children need them. There are mothers who have three and four boys in school and it is very difficult for us to buy so many materials, ”he added.

She has become an example for other families that with effort they can sustain themselves in these crises.

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