Among so much controversy Maluma broke the silence and spoke about Neymar. The Colombian singer clarified that he and the Brazilian footballer are not united by any kind of friendship and that therefore, there are no problems if he goes out with his ex Natalia Barulich.

The Colombian said it in a recent interview with “W Radio”, where he was very relaxed. “He and I are not friends, but we still have a good relationship. There is nothing that bothers me, “said the Hawaii theme interpreter.

“The footballers have made Hawaii an anthem and I love all that,” Maluma said of the fact that PSG footballers will sing his song.

Finally, the singer also indicated that the lyrics of “Hawaii” have nothing to do with his personal life. And, on the other hand, the fact that Maluma closed her Instagram account in the middle of the scandal did not have anything to do with Neymar and Barulich, rather it seemed to be a marketing strategy for her new song to have more impact. All cleared up, there seems to be no problem between them.

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