While one of the witnesses spoke with the police officers, the kitten made sure that the detainee did not move from where he was. The images add up to more than 45,700 retweets and almost 223 thousand ‘likes’.

Dogs are always talked about when it comes to funny moments or about animals with special and unique behaviors . But their greatest adversaries in the fight for our affection, cats, are not so far behind them in terms of abilities to give us instances of much laughter and rejoicing . These felines stand out for their intelligence and for their independence to cope alone in the challenges and circumstances they face every day. Without forgetting that these living beings are well known for their curiosity , which makes them get involved in quite comical or even inappropriate situations.

@gatitos_qctd / Twitter

Due to this last characteristic that kittens have, it is therefore not so surprising that one of them ended up leading a police arrest . Because in some images obtained and shared by the Twitter account, “Kittens that cure your depression” , it can be seen as in the middle of a police procedure, while the officials in charge of public security talk with one of the apparent witnesses, a cat is He is sitting and very relaxed on the detainee’s back . As if he were saying “I watch them” to the police. Or maybe he has even been one of the assistants of this institution of public order.

“You do not understand, the kitten is a super hero who captured the villain and is waiting for the police to deliver him”

– said the tweeter @DamaDeSombrero .

“I told you that if you didn’t give me a hamburger, I would call the kitty advocate … I warned you”

– He thinks the pussy said, @ Mar9929919904 .

“- Who is controlling the detainee if they are all here? – We leave our best officer for that task “

– supposed it was the dialogue between the officers, @ Joaanbali27 .

“Cats don’t care about anything. Coriander is worth everything. If they want to go after a suspect arrested by the cops, they will do it and no one will be able to stop them “

– declared on her Facebook account, the user Fanta Gloria .

@gatitos_qctd / Twitter

Due to the typography of the police costume and the landscape, it is presumed that the country of the events is possibly Brazil . Place where this kitten showed great ability to keep the detainee calm and calm, who normally tends to move a lot trying to escape or get away from police work . The ability of kittens to settle in any place is still incredible, showing a calm and solemnity, which without hesitation should inspire the deepest respect even in the most seasoned criminals. While the images have achieved  more than 45,700 retweets and almost 223 thousand ‘likes’ on Twitter.

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