Many children dream of growing up to be astronauts, doctors or TV stars, but Wolfy (a native of Toronto, Canada) is determined to work as a garbage man.

The vast majority dream of traveling the world, being an airplane pilot, leaving our planet as astronauts, becoming great athletes or paratroopers, but little Wolfy’s desire is very rare.

He is a lover of trucks and garbage collectors, so much so that he was given a big surprise on his 3rd birthday. He couldn’t be happier, partying with his idols and showing them his toy vehicles. Every Friday he anxiously awaits the arrival of the particular collection truck, to greet his superheroes. 

Here we leave you a video about the little individual and his fanaticism:

His name is Wolfgang Reader, but his family and friends fondly nickname him “Wolfy.” He recently celebrated his third birthday, in a celebration full of happiness.

As he is obsessed with garbage trucks and collectors, they came to give him a big surprise on his birthday.

Julia Wehkamp

Little Wolfy met DJ and Drew, two of his neighborhood pickers, and he just adored them. They became his superheroes and now they have called themselves “The Wolf Pack.”

He has a lot of toys with this noble trade: trucks, figures and garbage cans. He even dressed up as a gatherer for the last Halloween party.

Julia Wehkamp

For his birthday he could invite some friends. Who did Wolfy choose? Obviously, his collector friends: DJ and Drew.

They arrived with 4 trucks and other friends from the “herd”, who arrived with a very special gift: their own collector’s jacket. 

I could not with so much happiness!

Julia Wehkamp

It was a magical moment, where the young people were excited to reflect on their role as heroes. With great nostalgia, they mentioned that Wolfy’s attitude was very beautiful, being of a new generation and thus valuing work.

The future looks promising, with innocent and aware children around them. The planet is in their hands and there is no doubt that they will know how to handle it well.

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