Bad Bunny’s girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, did not remain silent and reacted after the uproar that was generated in social networks because she had allegedly been unfaithful to the ragman.

The young woman used Twitter to leave two clear messages about the false rumors that were triggered after the Puerto Rican singer Ele A El Dominio published a video telling that he had had a relationship with her.

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“The human being who tries to harm another will always be because of his internal sadness. He who lacks nothing does not live his day to day wishing evil to his neighbor. We must sow love if we want to wake up in a better dawn “Gabriela wrote with a strong hint to her ex.

And then, she completely denied the version of the Puerto Rican singer who, with degrading words towards women and an obvious bad intention, aired situations from the past that were not very verifiable. “The lie may be loud but it will never, ever shine like the truth,” was the second tweet posted by the “Bad Rabbit’s” girlfriend.

Despite the scandal, the truth is that it was a confusing message that ended in misinformation, so there was no infidelity. In case Ele A El Domino was with Gabriela, that happened before she fell in love with Bad Bunny.

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