And Taylor Swift bites her cheeks to slim her face.

Taking a photo is not like grabbing your camera and that’s it. No, it actually has a lot behind it, from the lighting, the angle to the pose that you will use to look your best. And is that nobody likes to see an unflattering photo out there, or even publish it. And not even if you are famous.

Yes, because even famous women have their tricks up their sleeves to always look incredible in the images they post on social networks or even the photos they take in photo shoots or the red carpet.

And they are pretty simple tricks.

For example, Blake Lively always raises her tongue towards the roof of the mouth and avoid a double chin. And Jennifer Lawrence seeks to see herself closer and more mysterious at the same time by blurring her gaze.

And, the best known trick of all, taking selfies from above to refine the face, as does Kim Kardashian.

Check out.

1. Selena Gomez always takes selfies with her phone horizontally

Selena Gomez

2. Julia Roberts opens her eyes wide to pose


3. Blake Lively raises her tongue to avoid creating a double chin


4. Kylie Jenner puts her hair to the side

Kylie jenner

5. Sandra Bullock lifts her men up to highlight her body


6. Charlize Theron exhales through her mouth to give volume to her lips


7. Monica Bellucci raises her head and stretches her neck


8. Kim Kardashian always takes selfies from above, to refine her face

Kim kardashian

9. Jennifer Lawrence never focuses her gaze, to give an air of mystery

Vanity Fair / AP

10. Mila Kunis lowers her eyelids for a more mysterious look


11. Kristen Dunst smiles only to the side


12. Taylor Swift bites the inside of her cheeks to slim her face


13. Nicole Kidman tightens her neck so that her face looks perfect


14. Megan Fox always sticks her tongue out to look more sensual


Try these tricks, many are foolproof and will make you look great in your photos.

You dare?

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