And Kim Kardashian must want to make that image disappear from the internet.

We are used to seeing celebrities in fashion and wearing the best and latest trends. And although they seem to us totally fabulous and glamorous looks, the truth is that in the past decade fashion was quite different …

They used to wear brightly colored clothes and a lot of accessories and hairstyles that didn’t make any sense. The more “messy” the look was, the more style it was.

And of course the famous were the first to wear that fashion …

Although at that time they caused a sensation, today we can even feel embarrassed by their looks and we are definitely sure, due to their style changes, that they would never dress that way again.

What’s more, they sure want to delete all those records of their outfits from the internet!

Do you want to know how the stars who are now all glamor queens dressed in the past and how disastrous their outfits were? Find out below:

1. Jessica Simpson, 2001

Was he stepping on his pants?

2. Jay Z and Beyoncé, 2002

Apparently they wanted to imitate the look of Britney and Justin Timberlake …

3. Christina Aguilera, 2000

Look at the tie on that skirt.

4. Nick Carter, 2002

The chains that tied the keys or the wallet were a great classic.

5. Britney, 2000

And those belts at the waist were very fashionable.

6. Jennifer Lopez, 2001

Why was J-Lo dressed like a lady?

7. Pink, 2001

Look at Pink’s hair.

8. Christina Aguilera, 2002

And nothing in this look seems to make sense. It’s like a winter and summery look together.

9. Keira Knightley, 2004

Keira didn’t look like an actress, but an office worker.

10. Madonna, 2005

And Madonna showed her girdle …

11. Mariah Carey, 2006

Mariah bought a children’s jacket for her …

12. Usher, 2004

And Usher was trying to match his sneakers with his jacket.

13. Kim Kardashian, 2008

Kim would like to make this look disappear from the internet.

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