This little boy taught the world a lesson after, after an arduous 25-minute fight with the 20-kilogram fish, he decided to have it returned to the water on his own initiative. He even hugged it before turning it back.

They say that the children of these times come with a change of mentality in many aspects, and although it seems that their absolute handling of technology is the biggest change, the truth is that the care and respect for animals also shines in the new generations.

This was demonstrated after a 12-year-old boy decided to return to the water the huge golden fish that he had been so hard to catch in the Paraná River, in Argentina. His sensitive and committed attitude to the aquatic, left the social networks delighted.

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His name is Dionisio Tadey , who after a day of fishing with his father and other fishermen, achieved what he never imagined: after fighting for 25 minutes to try to capture him , could remove from the water a huge goldfish nearly 20 kilos would be the biggest of his trophies so far.

However, and when demonstrating the enormous skill that “Pollito” –as the fishermen affectionately call Dionisio– had with the fishing rod, the surprise of the day was not that, but rather the child’s decision to release his precious “Booty” back to the water. 

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Thanks to his action of returning the fish to the river, he moved those who were next to him by assuring in the record of the moment that “the child made us aware that we must return” the animal where it belongs.

As can be seen in the images, after catching the fish, Dionisio photographed himself with the great trophy and then chose to return it to the water. 

The protagonist, meanwhile, spoke with the newspaper  Actualidad Esquina , where he pointed out that he practiced sport fishing from a very young age,  describing the goldfish as “a dream come true . ” In addition, Dionisio  maintained that it was the first time that he had obtained a “so cute” trophy , so he dedicated it to his fisherman friends, as can be seen in the video.

Despite this, Dionisio knows that the best thing is for the aquatic animal to stay in its habitat and continue to live in the waters of the river from which he fished it.

An example of respect and compassion!

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