And Tom Hanks posed like a “dad”.

Since cell phones began to include “front” cameras , selfies have become totally famous. And of course the celebs immediately joined this trend and although before they used to protect their privacy, now they even have profiles on social networks to share these and other images.

And while we might think that all those photos come out perfect … the truth is that they don’t.

Apparently there are some stars who still don’t know how to take that kind of photos … and others, who are so creative, who use quite strange poses and with quite ridiculous accessories that end up confusing us and making us wonder: “what were they thinking? ? ”.

The truth is that  nothing seems to matter too much to them , because being a fail or not, they still share their images with their followers and manage to attract attention on the networks.

Do you want to know which celebrities have taken the worst selfies and have not been afraid to publish them? Find out below:

1. The Rock

Instagram @therock

Did Dwayne Johnson think he would make us laugh? The only thing he did with this selfie was kill our passions.

2. Brooklyn Decker

Instagram @brooklyndecker

We imagined Brooklyn just wanted to show her celebrities how real she was. Hmm … nice double chin.

3. Kim Kardashian

She would pay to see the selfie Kim was taking when the elephant got too close to her and scared her off. It must have been a total fail for sure!

4. Madonna

Instagram @madonna

This must have been Madonna’s first selfie… What is she doing ?!

5. Tom Hanks

Instagram @tomhanks

Doesn’t it remind you of your dad posing for the picture? At least he could have smiled a little!

6. Lady Gaga

Instagram @ladygaga

We don’t really know what Lady Gaga wanted to provoke with this nude image … and with vintage accessories.

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