And one of the Backstreet Boys finally got back the lush hair of his youth.

Going bald used to be a big problem, because a few years ago there was nothing to prevent hair loss or supplant that fallen hair. The most common option at that time was to wear wigs or hairpieces , but always running the risk of it flying off or someone noticing that it was fake hair.

However, now all that has been forgotten, because as technology has advanced, a lot of treatments have appeared to combat and stop hair loss.

And of course celebrities are loyal fans of these beauty sessions!

At least that is how these 10 stars proved, who hardly noticed that they were going bald early, decided to intervene right away and stop hair loss by undergoing a small hair implant surgery.

And the years have definitely turned back!

Apparently all their surgeries were successful and now they sport a lush hair like the one they had in their best years of youth.

Do you want to know who we are talking about? Find out below:

1. Joey Fatone

2. AJ McLean

3. Machine Gun Kelly

4. Elton John

5. Jamie Foxx

6. Tom Hanks

7. Chris Martin

8. Jeremy Piven

9. Billy Bob Thornton

10. Cheyenne Jackson

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